The Frames Collection

Note : Both Netscape and Internet Explorer support the Frames collection (Netscape call it an array). For properties, methods and events that are supported by frame elements, see the <FRAME> and <IFRAME> topics.

The Frames collection is an ordered, indexed (by source order) array, containing a reference to Window Objects. If the document contains a <BODY> element, then the frames collection contains references to the <IFRAME> elements in the document. If the document contains a <FRAMESET> element, then the frame collection is populated with references to <FRAME> elements. (Note : Netscape doesn't support <IFRAME> and so will only populate the frames collection with references to valid <FRAME> elements. Also, <IFRAME> elements that are referenced across frames/windows can only be accessed through the Document Object).


The length property returns the number of frames in the collection. Note that the length count starts at 1, not 0 as the frames collection index does.


The item method retrieves single items, or sub-collections from the all collection. It accepts the following arguments:


If index is a number, then the method returns a reference to the frame object at that position in the frames collections index. I.e.


would make bIsScrolling be a boolean value, depending on the value of the SCROLLING attribute of the referenced frame object.

If the index property is a string value, then the item method returns the first valid frame object that has the NAME or ID used as the string contained in the index argument.