The Selection Object

The Selection object is Internet Explorer 4.0 specific and is an object that represents any currently selected section of a document. Sections of a document are typically selected by the user holding down a mouse button and dragging the mouse, but can also be created by scripts using the select method on a Text Range Object.

The type property is read-only and can be one of two values ("None" or "Text"). If the user has selected some text and/or other elements in a document, then the type property will return "Text", otherwise if no selection has been made, the type property will return "None".

The clear method can be used to remove the current text selection from the document. This is going to prove useful for people wanting to build WYSIWYG HTML editors based on Internet Explorer 4.0. Coupled with methods like the execCommand method (see the Document Object) to insert HTML elements, a new breed of editors will start to appear based entirely on the Internet Explorer 4.0 HTML rendering engine.

The createRange method creates a Text Range object from the current active selection. This can then be manipulated through the properties, methods and events of the TextRange object.

The empty method deselects the current selection, sets the selection type to "none", and sets the item property to null. The visual effect of the empty method is deselection of the text (i.e. its highlight is removed) Note : The two methods will only work in the text section below and at the time of writing, using the empty method caused the document to scroll to the top.

For example:

Select your method choice from the radio buttons below, then select any of this text (left-mouse button and drag) and press the right-mouse button to clear or empty the selection.

The Selection Object has no events.